Savvy Mavvy Mafia Mob Boss (maverick0324) wrote in tinmanc,
Savvy Mavvy Mafia Mob Boss

Janet's Morning

Janet had had a fitful night sleeping, or rather a fitful night not sleeping. Everytime she managed to fall asleep her mind was accosted by images of Geoffrey in the arms of someone else and by 2 A.M. it was really getting annoying.

She tried to distract herself by cleaning and getting some breakfast but the fact still remained that there was no message on her answering machine. None. "Oh fuck it..." She muttered to herself and reached up and grabbed the phone. She quickly dialed Geoffrey's number and waited. No answer. She left a message, a nice easy non-threatening message. A message that so didn't go: "Hey pin-dick! Where were you last night? And with whom? Yeah that's right...I'm onto you, you two timing son of a mother fucking whore." No the message surely didn't go like that. She remembered to keep her voice light, cheery, happy. She remembered to say that she had a great time and she hoped he did as well and that she called him last night and he didn't answer and she was sure he was probably as tired as he was and to please call her when he got this.

She hung up, proud of herself for keeping her composure through the entire phone call. She stared at the phone wondering and the on a whim dialled the Wainthropps main number.

"Wainthropp detecting agency."

"Mrs. Wainthropp, it's Janet. Is Geoffrey there?"

"No. He's not here... I haven't seen him at all this morning. Why?" Janet sunk into the chair, her worst fears crystallizing.

"Oh no reason Mrs. Wainthropp. No reason...Well thank you. Bye." She clicked the phone off and set it on the table. She moved to look out the window of the room, wondering where Geoffrey was.
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