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Geoff + porn + *g*

Tig part 5 and a fraction!

Geoffrey chewed nervously on his lip as he stood out on the pavement, the winter sun making the cold afternoon just barely bearable without a jumper. He scratched at the back of his neck like he often did when he was anxious, and, with another glance over his shoulder, pushed the door open and wandered into Priscilla's.

The first thing that he noticed was the abundance of stuff. Some stuff that he didn't even know existed. Handcuffs that ranged from two inches between cuffs to three feet of linking chain. Fuzzy ones, leather ones, metal ones, plastic ones…. He saw a wall lined with outfits that he thought only existed around Halloween, and he looked away, vaguely disturbed.

"Hi, there."

Geoffrey jumped, startled half to death at the voice that echoed across the shop to him. He smiled nervously and raised his hand in a small wave.

"How are you?" Geoffrey returned politely. The man who had spoken was standing behind the counter, and leaning against it in a rather suggestive way. The second thing that Geoffrey noticed was that the man was blatantly checking him out. His eyes were slowly and deliberately wandering up and back down Geoffrey's body, and Geoffrey shifted in place uncomfortably, before smiling at him again, telling himself to start getting used to it. He allowed himself to return the gesture, knowing at least that the young man wouldn't mind. He wandered closer, browsing the things on the shelves, to get a better look at this bloke - he seemed in his late twenties, not quite ten years older than Geoffrey. His hair, though thinning just slightly, was a strawberry-blond colour, and gelled up in the back, making him look much younger.

"Not too bad, and y'self?" the man replied. "Let me take a guess -- first time here?"

Scottish. Geoffrey grinned, unable to help himself. "Yeah, first time," he affirmed. "I'm uh… I need…" He took a breath and started over, face flushing. "My first boyfriend… and he's gone for two months and I need something to…"

The young man laughed, and came out from behind the counter. He wasn't any taller than Geoffrey himself, in fact maybe even an inch shorter. "You need some porn, is that it?" he asked kindly. Relieved, Geoffrey nodded. "You'll be able to say it soon," he said with a wink, nodding for Geoffrey to follow him into a smaller room, separated from the rest of the store. They ducked through the beaded curtain, and Geoffrey's jaw dropped open upon finding dozens of two-metre-high shelves stacked with pretty much any kind of porn available. There was a wall devoted to girl-with-girl videos, bloke-with-bloke, guys and girls, threesomes, chains and leather… Geoffrey blinked, and took an instinctive step back. The young man reached around and propelled him forward with a well-placed hand to the small of Geoffrey's back, however, and Geoffrey smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry," Geoffrey felt compelled to say. The young man ignored him, and wandered over to the biggest wall, which had the man-on-man videos.

"What're y'into?" he asked casually.

"Erm?" asked Geoffrey.

"Bondage, muscles, young blokes… mainly blowjobs, mainly straight on shagging… what?"

"Erm," Geoffrey repeated. "Young guys shagging?" He really wasn't sure, so he took a guess, and the other man nodded.

"Like me," he said with a wink. "In that case, I can recommend a few." He got out a step ladder, and climbed up, browsing the titles. After about ten minutes, he took Geoffrey back out into the main section of the store, shoved lube and condoms and a pair of handcuffs ('on the house, just so you can try them out') into Geoffrey's hands (along with the six videos he'd pulled down for him), and started to ring him up.

"So who is your boyfriend?" he asked Geoffrey, moving a turquoise blue double-headed dildo out of the way so that he could put everything down. "I think I know most of the blokes in the area, just wondering if it's someone I know."

"He's in a band," Geoffrey said. "They're pretty big… he's on tour in Canada right now."

"The lead singer of Glasswall? I knew it!" crowed the young man. "I knew he'd find a bloke."

"He's gay?" Geoffrey asked incredulously. His face split into a grin. "I knew it! Ooh, Charlie owes me a tenner and a blowjob for that!" He didn't even think to be embarrassed about saying that in front of the clerk.

"Charlie? That his name?" he asked. "Hm. Either Driveshaft's little brother, or the drummer for those blokes who just exploded in London... Can't remember their name, though."

Geoffrey blinked. "Driveshaft's little brother?" he asked.

"Bloke comes in here who I call 'Driveshaft'. He has a little band called the same - 'Shaft' in all capitals, of course. He has a little brother named Charlie."

Geoffrey glared. "DriveSHAFT is bloody awesome, what are you talking about? They aren't a little band - they have a number one single in the States right now. And Charlie is the bassist - he isn't just Liam's little brother."

The man took a step back, and stared at Geoffrey. "Well, obviously that's your bloke then," he said. "Sorry, didn't know they'd gotten so big. I pretty much live in here. Well, I do -- sleep in the back. Don't have a flat or anything."

"Well, dunno about Liam or the other guys," Geoffrey said slyly, picking up his bag and putting his wallet back into his pocket. "But Charlie's quite big." He winked, and gave the man a cheeky salute. "I'm sure I'll be seeing you," he said.
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