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New tig!

This is a new tig inspired by a daydream that I had. it isn't related to the one that we're doing now in any way, I don't believe, lol.


Geoffrey stretched out across Charlie's bed and pulled his bag up beside him, laying it on its side and unzipping it. He hefted out his thick Biology textbook, and flipped pages until he found the chapter over which he was supposed to take a few pages of handwritten notes. He'd had the assignment for almost a week, but he'd slacked off, and now, had to do it all in one night. He knew that he should have done it when it was assigned – usually, he did. He'd just been distracted lately, what with all of the late night phone sex with Charlie.

For the past two and a half weeks, Charlie had been on a small tour throughout Ireland, opening for a. During that time, Geoffrey had been going across Manchester every night, to the flat that Charlie and Liam shared. He'd let himself in, do his homework or watch sometelly, and then call Charlie from his mobile and, while on Charlie's bed or couch or floor, wank to the sound of Charlie's voice, whether they were really having phone sex or not. He'd gotten to the point where he could do it silently, and even still carry on a conversation while he was wanking, but he had a feeling that Charlie knew that he was wanking anyway. He just didn't know that Geoffrey had found the spare key to his flat hidden behind that one loose brick. Charlie was due back tonight, though, probably around seven o'clock. Liam was going straight to London to visit his current girlfriend, however, so Charlie would be coming back alone, according to Charlie. He'd suggested that they meet the next morning for breakfast, and then come back to the flat for some reunion sex, and Geoffrey had eagerly agreed, already forming an even better plan in his mind.
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