Savvy Mavvy Mafia Mob Boss (maverick0324) wrote in tinmanc,
Savvy Mavvy Mafia Mob Boss

Janet's Thoughts: [Sunday Morning/Afternoon] Where Janet is glue to the phone and shit happens

Really she didn't know why she bothered to carry the phone with her, it wasn't like she couldn't hear it if it rang in the house. Anywhere in the house and she would hear it, but that wasn't the point. The point was that if she kept it glued to her side, like some deranged outlaw that would talk you to death once you said draw, then she was able to will it to ring and have Geoffrey be on the other end. She knew it made no sense, but that wasn't the point.

Janet continued her listless wanderings of the house. Lord, was she bored out of her mind. She had been so bored she had ironed. She, Janet, had ironed. She was that bored.

Janet threw herself onto the aging, yet beloved couch, and screamed into the pillow, kicking her legs in the air. It wasn't fair, why was she so bloody attatched to the phone wanting, willing, him to call when he probably didn't even care? This so wasn't bloody fair.

Fucking git. All his fault.

Janet sat up, another idea on her mind. Well fine, if he wasn't going to call her, she would most certainly call him. Janet grabbed the phone from its position as her right hand gun and dialed Geoffrey's cell phone number. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Damn it the answering machine. Hey this is Geoffrey Shawcross. I'm not here which is kinda odd because what's the point of the mobil then if I'm not going to carry it with me? In the meantime, why does a cow have four legs? Leave one, Janet snorted at the message and waited like a good girl for the beep. It came. "Hey love, it's me. Just calling to say hi because basically...I was bored and had nothing else to do. Call me later if your not to busy. Bye love." She rang off and was quite proud of herself for sounding non-chalant and normal. Go her.

Janet dropped the phone onto the couch and got up to go make tea before quickly returning and re attatching the phone to her hip,
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