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New tig!

This is a new tig inspired by a daydream that I had. it isn't related to the one that we're doing now in any way, I don't believe, lol.


Geoffrey stretched out across Charlie's bed and pulled his bag up beside him, laying it on its side and unzipping it. He hefted out his thick Biology textbook, and flipped pages until he found the chapter over which he was supposed to take a few pages of handwritten notes. He'd had the assignment for almost a week, but he'd slacked off, and now, had to do it all in one night. He knew that he should have done it when it was assigned – usually, he did. He'd just been distracted lately, what with all of the late night phone sex with Charlie.

For the past two and a half weeks, Charlie had been on a small tour throughout Ireland, opening for a. During that time, Geoffrey had been going across Manchester every night, to the flat that Charlie and Liam shared. He'd let himself in, do his homework or watch sometelly, and then call Charlie from his mobile and, while on Charlie's bed or couch or floor, wank to the sound of Charlie's voice, whether they were really having phone sex or not. He'd gotten to the point where he could do it silently, and even still carry on a conversation while he was wanking, but he had a feeling that Charlie knew that he was wanking anyway. He just didn't know that Geoffrey had found the spare key to his flat hidden behind that one loose brick. Charlie was due back tonight, though, probably around seven o'clock. Liam was going straight to London to visit his current girlfriend, however, so Charlie would be coming back alone, according to Charlie. He'd suggested that they meet the next morning for breakfast, and then come back to the flat for some reunion sex, and Geoffrey had eagerly agreed, already forming an even better plan in his mind.
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Charlie hefted his duffel bag over his shoulder and tried to keep his guitar case secure under his right arm as he dug in his pocket for his keys. He'd completely given up on carrying the bag of groceries, too, and they were not sitting precariously on the ground by the front door. He managed to seperate the house key from the half-dozen others, and with a grunt, shoved it into the lock.

He'd stopped by the market on his way down, since it would be much easier to ring Geoffrey from the comfort of his own kitchen while he made a sandwich than trying to hold a conversation over the noise of the Italian restaurant that Charlie loved so much, just a few streets over. Since their flight had been a few hours early, he hoped to surprise Geoffrey with the call. He turned his back to the door once
he'd managed to get it open a crack, and pushed, stumbling just a little into the dark foyer. He cocked his head to the side, thinking that he heard a noise, but then it stopped, so he let the guitar case bump against the ground and lowered it carefully, and then dropped his bag. He kneeled outside to pick up the groceries, and made his way into the kitchen.

He hadn't bought much - only enough to keep his stomach from eating itself from the inside out. Sandwich meat, bread, a bag of crisps and a box of individually wrapped brownies, the good kind with nuts on them, and a gallon of milk. He put the milk and the meat in the refrigerator, and left the crisps and the bread on the counter, ripping into the brownies and pulling one out. The band had only stopped once on the drive back, and that had been over six hours ago. He was just about to crinkle the wrapped up and throw it into the bin when he heard another noise, and stopped dead still.
Geoffrey grumbled when his heavy bookbag slipped off of Charlie's bed, and landed on the floor with a thump. Hoping that his calculator hadn't broken, Geoffrey took off Charlie's headphones and set them aside so that he could sit up and reach down in order to haul the thing back up. He set it on its back in the middle of the bed, and scooted back over to where his work was sitting. He flipped through the pages in his Biology book, which had drifted over a few chapters due to the breeze coming in through the window that he'd opened, and started writing again.

After having lived with the Wainthropps for three years, he'd grown accustomed to noises around a house or flat. He never paid any mind to creaks, bumps, or scrapes anymore, figuring them to be furnace noises or dodgy plumbing, or even the occasional mouse. He was just about to pull Charlie's CD player back over, and put the headphones back on, when he heard a noise that distinctly was none of the above, however. He didn't know any sort of plumbing that crinkled, any furnaces that grunted, or any mice that could shut squeaky icebox doors.
Yeah, that was definitely a somebody-noise, not a something-noise. Charlie let the wrapper drop to the floor and swallowed the rest of his bite of brownie. He took a few steps over, into the hallway, through the empty door frame that seperated them. He saw a dim light shining from underneath the bedroom door and felt a flutter of nervousness.

Was there someone in his flat? Someone in his bedroom? Had Liam decided not to visit his girlfriend right off? "Liam?" He said, curiously. He took a few steps closer, and debated going back for something large and blunt just in case it wasn't Liam. "Li, You home?"
Geoffrey briefly thought that he was going to have minor heart attack when he heard Charlie call out from the hallway. He also briefly debated stripping naked right then and there, and bouncing out through the door and into the hallway to greet Charlie. Deciding quickly on neither of the above options, he just stayed on the bed where he was, homework spread out all over Charlie's bed, listening to Charlie's CD on Charlie's CD player and drinking a Coke that he'd gotten out of Charlie's icebox.

"Not exactly," he called back to the closed door, almost having to laugh at the bizarreness of the situation.
Charlie stopped, his eyes going wide and his face instantly transforming into an expression of pure delight. "Geoff?" He threw open the bedroom door and shouted.

He wasn't sure that he'd ever been quite so happy to see another human being in his life. He pounced on Geoffrey, hearing paper crumbled underneath his knee and not caring one bit. "How did you get in here? How long have you been here? Can you stay the night? How'd you know-" He said, firing off questions, and thinking of a million more, but he quickly decided that questions could wait. He laughed again, and covered Geoffrey's mouth with his own in a giddy kiss.
Geoffrey was already grinning when Charlie threw the door open. His stomach flipped in delight when he saw Charlie standing on the other side, and he shoved his bookbag off of the bed, seeing Charlie get that pouncey sort of look his eye, which wasn't unlike the look that a ca would get under the same circumstances. Geoffrey yelped happily as Charlie did pounce on him, but then let out a panicked "Mmph!"

After putting his hands on Charlie's chest (making sure to touch both of his nipples) Geoffrey pushed Charlie gently away for a second. He gave him an apologetic look, seeing the confused, impatient look in Charlie's eyes. "My homework, sorry..." Geoffrey said with an embarrassed grin, motioning to all of the now-wrinkled papers strewn across the bed.
"Homework?" Charlie said incredulously. He rolled off of Geoffrey, and then set up to grab at the folder underneath his back. He tossed it on Geoffrey's textbook, and then turned back, grabbing Geoffrey's arm and pulling him in for another kiss. "Missed you, missed you, missed you." He whispered, following each word with a little peck. "Missed you." And then a longer kiss, and then he finally let Geoffrey go.

"How did you get in?" He asked as he watched Geoffrey straighten and gather up his stuff, happy and pleased that he had, no matter how the means.
Geoffrey grinned, shy but proud, as he set all of his work at the foot of the bed. "I found the spare key outside," he said, holding up said key after digging out from his pocket. "Crap hiding place, that was, behind the brick. Next time don't even put it near your own door, if I may suggest so." He grinned cheekily, then leaned forward for another chaste kiss. "Now, I promised myself that I would finish my notes before I did anything else... I also thought that I'd have two more hours for it, of course." He grinned, and reached up to tug on a lock of Charlie's hair.

He saw Charlie's incredulous face, and had to laugh quietly. He stretched, reaching over and pulling the small stack of loose-leaf papers, wrinkled and covered on both sides with cramped and messy handwriting, out of his notebook. He stuck them under the front cover of his textbook, and looked back at Charlie, whose expression hadn't changed.

"I'm sorry!" Geoffrey said, although he was still chuckling. "If you want to watch some telly or something, I'll come work in the other room with you..."
"You can't be serious!" Charlie said, groaning. "Geoffrey! I've been gone for almost a month!"

Well, he always had been prone to exaggeration.

"I don't want to watch telly. I want to shag my boyfriend through the mattress, and then I want to go get some dinner, and then I want to shag you again. And maybe again after that. And then you can do your homework, and I'll watch telly."
Geoffrey had to roll his eyes. Drama queen.

"You've been gone for only two and a half weeks, love," he said calmly. "And I want to shag too, but these notes are worth some obscene number of points, and they're due tomorrow morning. I know that I won't want to do them later - I have to do them now. If I don't get them turned in, I'll probably flunk the class."

He hoped that Charlie wouldn't be too terribly upset. He leaned forward for an apologetic kiss, but Charlie ducked him, and Geoffrey's face fell even more as he sat back. "Charlieee...." he whinged. "We can shag as soon as I finish, I promise. I only have four more sections to take notes on, it won't take any more than maybe an hour..."
Charlie crossed his arms and swung his legs over the side of the bed. "Fine," He said, walking out of the bedroom and closing the door behind him.

Sure, he knew that Geoffrey had homework to do. And he wanted Geoffrey to do well in school. But that didn't mean he had to be happy to be happy about. An at the moment, he didn't even want to be logical about it. He just wanted to curl up in bed with Geoffrey. He yanked the door to the refrigerator open and pulled out the lunch meat and the jar of mayonaisse, put them on the counter, staring balefully at them.


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His bags were still in the foyer, along with his guitar, but Charlie didn't quite feel up to putting his clothes away. Besides, that would mean going into the bedroom, where Geoffrey was, and no, he definitely didn't want to do that. He wanted Geoffrey to come to him.

He didn't like being cross with Geoffrey, because it usually just led to Geoffrey getting cross, too. He was tempted to go back into the kitchen and make Geoffrey something to eat, take it to him, and just wait while Geoffrey did his work. But... no. Fuck it, if Geoffrey wanted to be with Charlie, Geoffrey would come to him.

He frowned, thinking of the presents he had in his bag for Geoffrey. Things he knew that Geoffrey would love, and he'd been so excited... fuck, Charlie hated this. But he hated even more how suddenly sodding homework came before him to Geoffrey. He wrapped his arms tighter across his chest.
Wondering if there was a way for him to escape through the bedrom window, Geoffrey sighed heavily. He wanted to go to Charlie, but was too bloody stubborn and absolutely refused to leave the room until he was finished, even though he was actually almost done with his notes. He'd thought that it would take a lot longer. He'd skimped just a little... only doing definitions in section three, and only writing one page on section five, but he was in a hurry, wanting to make it up to Charlie, but not wanting to give Charlie the satisfaction of tearing him away from his assignment. After all, it would be different if he went out before finishing. This way, he would only be going out because he'd finished, and not because he'd caved.

He wasn't trying to hurt Charlie. He didn't even mean to hurt Charlie. But that didn't mean that he felt any less shitty about it. He slammed his book closed, and gave up, deciding that, yes, indeed, he was completely done. He shoved his book and notes under the bed, and then stood up,tossing the CD player gently back down onto the bed. He sat back down right after, though, a tingle of nerves making him hesitate. What was he going to say? He didn't want to apologise, that was a given. What if Charlie was really, really angry with him? He groaned, and stretched out, suddenly not quite so ready to go back out.
Charlie sat up, tired of moping for the moment. He dug in his pocket and came out with one baggie, the bottom lined with dusty powder. Just enough for one hit left, and Charlie felt grateful for it. He thought about just going ahead and doing it right here, but just in case Geoffrey did suddenly come out of the bedroom. He shut the bathroom door behind him and piled the powder onto his hand.

He sniffed it, and paused, waited, and.

Yeah. There is was.

That was better. Much better.

Suddenly everything was light and airy and yeah, Geoffrey was still an arse, but it didn't really matter much, cause Charlie quite liked his arse. He grinned at his little mental play on words, and made his way to the bedroom.
After running through a million and two different things that he could say to Charlie upon going out into the living room, Geoffrey finally decided to just get it over with and bloody apologise. He was just about to stand up, when Charlie threw the door open again, just like he had the first time when he had just gotten home. Geoffrey stopped mid-step, and grinned happily. "Well, hello there!" he exclaimed, disarmed slightly by Charlie's wide, shite-eating grin. Charlie was hanging onto the top frame of the door, head tilted and hips cocked to one side in a decidedly sexy pose.

"I was just going to come out and apologise..." admitted Geoffrey. "I'm an arse, I know.... You can punish me, if you want." He grinned hopefully, and winked at Charlie.
"Yes, you are," Charlie said, moving to Geoffrey and wrapping his arms low around Geoffrey's wait. "But you're my arse," He smiled, and kissed Geoffrey softly. "And I love you. And I missed you."

He rested his head on Geoffrey's shoulder and looked up at Geoffrey. "Are you finished with your homework? Can you pay me some attention now?" He poked out his lip in a little pout. "Missed you so much..." He licked, and then bit at Geoffrey's neck. "All your marks have faded. I have to leave new ones now."
"I'm glad I'm your arse. Actually, your arse is right.... here...." Geoffrey reached down and cupped Charlie's bum with both hands, giving it a good solid squeeze. "And my arse is... right about here." He reached back around to grab Charlie's hands, and moved them down the small of his back, to his arse, pressing back into them.

Tugging Charlie over to the bed, he crawled across it, up to the pillows, and rolled over onto his back, spreading his legs (oh so casually) and tilting his head innocently at Charlie.

"Y'coming to join me?" he asked sweetly.
Geoffrey didn't have to ask twice. He dropped to his knees on the edge of the bed and crawled forward, settling himself in the space between Geoffrey's legs. He almost wished Geoffrey hadn't put away his books - he would have taken great pleasure in sweeping them off of the bed, watching them fall to the floor, and the papers scatter. He kissed Geoffrey hard while his fingers immediately flew to the buttons on Geoffrey's shirt, prodding and pushing at them until one by one they slid from the button holes.

He licked at the freshly exposed skin, his lips forming a smile over Geoffrey's heartbeat. He sucked and kissed his way back up and then down again, while he undid the rest of the buttons. He sat up, straddling Geoffrey across the waist, and pushed back the sides of the shirt. He slid his palms over Geoffrey's nipples, enjoying the way they stiffened and rose a little. He bent his head and licked at the left one. "Missed this." He said, and gave Geoffrey another huge grin.
"I did too..." Geoffrey murmured, reaching down and sliding his hands around Charlie's hips again, pressing his fingertips down against Charlie's arse. Y'know... I never told you, but every time we talked... I was over here. I've come to your flat every day since the day that you left."

He paused in his story to slide his fingertips along the waistband of Charlie's denims, around to the front, and toy with the fly, pulling the zipper down and up, down and up. The third time, he left it down, and let three fingers slip inside, quickly finding Charlie's cock and stroking it lightly.

"Y'know Monday? When we had that one... rather amazing... conversation? I was lying on your bed when we did that - while I wanked to your voice. I was picturing you here with me."
Charlie tilted his head up and shuddered. "Here? On my bed?"

He sat back a little, looking down at Geoffrey. Fuck, but he was sexy like that - shirt open, but still on, cock blatantly poking up against the denim of his trousers.

"Right here..." Charlie said, more to himself than Geoffrey. "While I was on some strange hotel room bed, wanking to your voice." He tilted his head and licked his lips. "Will you show me? Just... pretend that I'm not here. Show me what you did."
Geoffrey whinged in the back of his throat, and gave Charlie a good pout, poking out his bottom lip and looking up at Charlie through his lashes. "But you are here," he said childishly. "I'd rather you shag me, if that's all right with you. I didn't rush through the rest of my homework just to wank again, y'know." He propped himself up on his right elbow, and reched up with his other hand, grabbed the collar of Charlie's t-shirt and tugged him down for a heated kiss. Geoffrey closed his lips around Charlie's tongue as soon as it slipped into his mouth, and sucked on it, breathing as evenly as he could through his nose so that the kiss could last longer.

When he finally released Charlie, they were both panting and starting to sweat, lips red, hair touseled, and if either of them hadn't had an absolutely raging hard-on before this started, they certainly both did now.
Charlie mentally cursed Geoffrey - it really was a fantasy of his to watch Geoffrey wank, and damnit, one day he would make Geoffrey do it for him. But, apparently, that day was not today, because he was quickly distracted by Geoffrey's tongueandlipsandteethandmouth, the incredible kiss that Geoffrey sucked him into.

When they broke apart, Charlie immediately reached down for the button on Geoffrey's trousers, flicking it open with ease. He hooked two fingers against the zip and tugged downward and he could feel the head of Geoffrey's cock, just milimetres away from his fingertip. He leaned down, kissing Geoffrey with heat and open lips, while he slid those two fingers into the slit of Geoffrey's boxers and pressed against the warm, solid thing that he found there.


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"Yeah," Charlie said, his eyes sliding shut, body moving on autopilot. "Liam driving, so he won't get nosy and interrupt us. He's the only one that would. Get a blanket or something, spread it out," He tried to imagine fucking Geoffrey to the thumping of the wheels on an uneven road, and he twisted his hand over Geoffrey's cock. He tried to slow himself down, wanting this to last, but not sure that he could.

He slid out of Geoffrey. "Turn over, I wanna..." A low gasp as his cock bumped against Geoffrey's thigh. "Wanna do it the other way."
Geoffrey groaned, as moving was not very high on his list of things that he wanted to do. He finally did halfheartedly roll over, flopping ungracefully down on his stomach. His arms were sprawled out and he tucked his knees slightly under him so that Charlie would have an easier time getting back inside him. As he felt the head of Charlie's cock nudge against his entrance, he moaned into the pillow, muffling the loud noise because he knew very well that the woman who lived underneath Charlie had a habit of being very quiet.

Charlie let out a long sigh, slightly strangled because he knew if he didn't watch himself, he'd end up getting the both of them in trouble. Geoffrey was no church mouse in bed, but Charlie had a habit of being even more vocal than him - more vocal, more frequently.

His held Geoffrey's hips with his hands, pulling Geoffrey back onto him at the same time that he pushed forward into Geoffrey. At first, he kneeled behind Geoffrey but then leaned forward, bracing one hand on the bed so that he could kiss Geoffrey's back, the skin slick with sweat and slightly salty underneath his lips. "You taste so good..." He whispered hoarsely.