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Tig, part 3

This follows this day.


Geoffrey clenched his eyes shut, burying his face deeper into the fluffy pillow as his mind tried in vain to tell his body to wake up. He felt the bed shift under him, and grumbled slightly, before putting it out of his mind and drifting off again. It was only about ten minutes before Geoffrey sneezed in his sleep, then rolled over into the warm spot in the bed next to him, rubbing his nose and trying to fall asleep again. Realising that this was, indeed, a warm spot in bed, rather than Charlie, he pried his eyes open, rubbing them with the heels of his hands and sitting up, wondering where Charlie was, at - he checked the clock - 6:25AM on his day off.

"Charlie?" His voice was hoarse from sleep, and he cleared his throat. He thought he heard a sniffle from the bathroom, and swung his bare legs over the side of the bed. "Charlie?" he called again, grabbing the duvet and wrapping it around his naked body as he stood up.
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